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Educational Programs

Our goal is to promote student achievement and develop critical, independent, and creative thinkers. Our program is enriched and accelerated with gifted and high achievers clustered in classrooms. Instruction is differentiated to provide students with complex and challenging curriculum involving grade and across grade level collaboration. Our teachers receive specialized training in differentiating instruction and implementing parallel curriculum.
Language Arts

Core Knowledge Language Arts is a comprehensive language arts curriculum program for students in preschool through grade 6.

While teaching skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking, Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) also builds students’ knowledge and vocabulary in literature, history, geography, and science. The curriculum covers concepts specified in the Core Knowledge Sequence.

Eureka Math goes beyond getting the right answer. Students gain a deeper understanding of the why in math through lessons that provide rigor, coherence, and focus.
Second Step: Social Emotional Learning
Second Step is a holistic approach to teaching social-emotional learning to students. It provides them with activities to help identify, understand, and best react to their emotions.
Erwin Elementary students receive various types of art throughout the year.  Students participate in visual art lessons, dance, and music that all help develop their creative intelligence which encourage communication of ideas feelings through images, sound, and movement.